Why should we pay for a Qur’an teacher?

Too many times we hear people saying that teaching Qur’an should be free of charge and that people who charge for Quran lessons are doing it for the business only. I would like to restore the truth about it so that everybody understand the whole situation.

I have been a Quran teacher since 2019 and a Quran student since 2009. I spent 10 years studying the Quran.

Let me first explain to you my Quran journey as a student.

I have never followed group classes. I have always studied Quran with a private Egyptian teacher on a one-to-one basis.

I won’t lie to you, I had tried studying with a dozen (maybe more) of Egyptian teachers before I found the right one.

The reason is that the first ones had a lot of gaps such as:

  • Lack of pedagogy: they would just ask me to repeat after them, without giving any explanation for my mistakes and they would get upset if I couldn’t reproduce what they said
  • Lack of empathy: I got some unpleasant comments about my way of reciting the Quran which was not melodic enough for them when I had just started class
  • Lack of computer literacy: they spent a lot of time trying to use online platforms just to write a word
  • Lack of punctuality: too often I had to wait 5/10 minutes before starting the course or contact the centre to find out if the course was cancelled

All of this left a deep impression on me and I realized that, to be a teacher, it is not enough to know the Quran by heart. It is necessary to understand the psychology of the human being, the technics of teaching according to the profiles, and the new technologies.

It takes time to get all of this knowledge. I spent time learning the rules of tajwid, teaching technics for children / adults / people with special needs, human psychology, how to coach and motivate people, new technologies (thanks to my former job as a project manager), the English language to teach to a wider audience.

In short, all this time spent studying has cost me a lot of money and time.

While you are studying, you cannot work. So who is going to pay your bills if you don’t work and live alone (like I do)?

I decided to give up my career as a project manager to devote myself to specializing and teaching the Quran, in order to allow this sunnah to continue. I did this because my Quran teacher told me that I was good at understanding and re-explaining the tajwid rules.

If I had decided to remain a project manager, I would earn a better living, but it would be meaningless to me. So I preferred to change my career and become a teacher.

Second, many criticize the hourly rates for Quran classes. Again, I would like to ask you if you would agree to work for less than the hourly minimum wage?

Again, if we devote ourselves to teaching the Quran, then we should be able to make a living from it. Otherwise we will choose to work like everyone else in an office or whatever.

Being a Quran teacher is just being a teacher! A school teacher is paid just like an online teacher.

Then, the prices vary between teachers according to their skills.

  • A teacher who has more degrees and pedagogy than another.
  • A teacher who has more experience and has worked with different student profiles.
  • A teacher who makes herself available to answer your messages outside of class to motivate you or provide you with additional explanations. All that time spent with you comes at a cost as well. While she is listening to you and responding to you, she does nothing else.

In summary, I’ll quote this: “If I do a job in 30 minutes it is because I spent 10 years learning how to do that in 30 minutes. You owe me for these 10 years and not the minutes ”

Jamila Loutis

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