Behavior Towards Quran Teachers Reflects People’s Degree of Faith

How regrettable, even detestable, to see that nowadays we no longer respect the teachers of the Quran.

Some people mistakenly think that Quran teachers cannot do another job and therefore should feel happy that they are being paid.

Some therefore allow themselves to impose changes or cancellation of class hours without reason, sometimes without even warning them, or ask them to justify themselves when they refuse to cancel classes, or even do not do homework. that we give them and refuse to give explanations. And finally, the worst part is when they allow themselves to respond disrespectfully.

We live in a society where we believe that money can buy anything, that we can afford anything when we pay for a service. What baseness of mind!

Some even go so far as to imply that they will go find another teacher if they don’t get what they want. This is the uberization of religious education. How do you expect to get your ijaza from a teacher you have disrespected?

But the superiority is not in social status but in behavior.

And whoever humbles himself for Allah, Allah uplifts him

How many times have students and / or parents of students allowed themselves to disrespect me. I gave them time to correct their attitudes until one day I had had enough and decided to fire them. And I’ve fired quite a few since I started teaching. Subhaan Allah. I never thought I would see so many disrespectful people.

I am not afraid of poverty because Allah is The One Who gives the sustenance. So I have no problem firing students who don’t respect me. Because I will never allow people to disrespect me! To disrespect your Quran teacher is to disrespect the Prophet who said, « The best of you is the one who learns the Quran and teaches it. »

Dear students ! Never take what you have for granted! Allah can take it back from you at any time if you don’t take care of it!

Allah knows that I must have tested a dozen teachers before finding the one I had been looking for for a long time, the one in a million. Once I found her, I always respected her. I thanked Allah for giving me such a nice teacher and I made a lot of duas for her. And Allah gave me the joy of spending a month of Ramadan at her home in Egypt and getting my Ijaza afterwards.

Whoever is grateful, Allah increases his blessings on him! Glory to Allah!

While I teach Quran (on the advice of my teacher), I do not forget her. I keep posting ads for her to find students. My gratitude to her is forever. May Allah grant her long life in good. Amin.

In the time of the Prophet, people used to honour those who taught the Quran.

People used to seek advice from them when needed. Ibn `Abbas said:“ The reciters of the Quran always attended the meeting of ‘Umar who consulted them, whether they were old or young. « 

In the event of death, they had priority at the burial. According to Djâbir ibn `Abdallah“ The Prophet buried two by two the martyrs of ‘Ouhoud (in the same tomb). He would ask (his Companions) which of the two knew the Koran best to bury him first. « 

They were asked to lead the prayers. According to Abu Mas`oud Al-Anssârî Al-Badrî, the Prophet said: « It is the one who best recites the book of Allah who directs the prayer in common. « .

Nowadays, they are seen as people who don’t really work. They are not considered at their fair value.

How sad is this youth who obeys without arguing their math and geography teachers, doing their homework on time while they disrespect their Quran teachers by refusing to do their homework and allowing themselves to answer with disrespect.

How sad is this umma which honours lawyers and engineers who hold worldly science and who despises people who hold religious science.

Every time I say that I have been an IT project manager for more than 10 years, people try to get closer to me; and when I say that I am a Quran teacher, they take me for an uneducated person…

And this observation unfortunately risks to continue because the children copy the behaviour of the parents…

It is up to parents to change their attitude towards Quran teachers and set an example for their children.

Jamila Loutis

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